Review of the British statistical system

Not widely known about but possibly quite influential, the latest European reviews of EU member states’ statistical systems are well under way.

As the Eurostat website says: “Peer reviews are part of the European Statistical System (ESS) strategy to implement the Code of Practice (CoP). Their objective is to enhance the integrity, independence and accountability of the statistical authorities which make up the ESS.” The first handful have now been published but we await the news on the big beasts of Europe, including the UK. The assessment team has had its visit to the UK and the report is now being written and sent to and fro in draft form. Lets see what happens. 

It is expected that the current review will be more penetrating than the last one published in 2007. The ONS met or “largely” met its requirements at the time. And, where recommendations were made, it’s not clear what the impact of the report was. One recommendation was to improve the website – there followed a process of website upgrade that was widely thought to be a poorly managed exercise that left users in a worse position than before.


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