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The end of Simon

What’s wrong with Simon, the name that is? It’s a good name. I’ve enjoyed having it. But it is seriously out of fashion and has been for a while. Prompted by the weird experience of finding myself sitting next to a much younger one at an event earlier this week, I was keen to see just how unpopular we have become. The answer is very unpopular.  Continue reading The end of Simon

Rugby’s “group of hell”

England are out of the rugby world cup. That’s a shame for England fans but one of the world’s top sides was going to go out at this stage. Had it been Wales or Australia it would have been just as bad (for the tournament) and just as unjust. And the fault for losing one of the world’s best five teams in the pool stage is fairly and squarely at the door of the organisers. World Rugby have truly failed with their group seeding. There were three easy fixes. Schoolboy errors, a commentator might say.  Continue reading Rugby’s “group of hell”