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Open data: re-engaging

Fans of UK government open data were getting worried that the Cabinet Office’s enthusiasm for transparency was waning. (I wrote this a month ago.) Events of the last week suggest that all is not lost. It is quite plausible that the long period of silence from officialdom was caused by the spending review and other internal stuff, and nothing more sinister. It appears that key players have indeed been hard at work in government. Fingers crossed. As the government has acknowledged, on “openness” of all topics, there is a need for it to communicate with those outside.   Continue reading Open data: re-engaging


Big, open and admin – what’s what for government statistics?

The Bean Review of government statistics will assess what the public sector data machine needs to make it fit for purpose for the next decade or two. The regulatory framework and outputs are part of that but at the core is a question about sources: how can big data, open data and administrative data help deliver more and new accurate statistics, in a more timely fashion and for less money. This note tries to unravel what these terms might mean for the Government Statistical Service (GSS). It concludes that there is an imperative to investigate the possibilities and that the Bean review can ensure that the required development work is supported at the highest level in government.  Continue reading Big, open and admin – what’s what for government statistics?

National Information Infrastructure

It’s a bit of a mouthful and it needs a moment to reflect on what it means. But the NII, as we can call it, is vital to anyone who cares about the nation’s data and what it can do to improve decision making.

A strong and ambitious NII to safeguard the publication of the nation’s key datasets will benefit everyone as it will:

  • Drive the evidence-based analysis and the effective re-design of public services
  • Create new economic opportunities as businesses, academics and entrepreneurs can use this guaranteed data to build new products, create new jobs and provide new products for citizens
  • Enable any citizen to use the data to monitor the activities of government and hold the government to account

ODUG (I am a member) has today produced a major document on the future of the NII.  Continue reading National Information Infrastructure