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Team GB, Olympics and stats

The BBC and Wikipedia probably beat the official Rio website in terms of the data offering and presentation but it was also a feast for others interested in providing numbers, including the media, or browsing them. Here are some links, plus my summary table of the sequence of medal awards – this was valuable in tracking the rate of GB medals so as not to be blown off course by media during the event that (predictably) swung from gloom to over-hyped optimism.  Continue reading Team GB, Olympics and stats


Football – and nonsense FA Cup “shocks”

There are many reasons to despise modern soccer – FIFA, racism, spitting, tribal bullshit, commercialisation, disrespect and so on – but while punditry remains so dire I think I’ll keep my distance. The worst thing is that good friends lose the plot when the topic switches to football. Clever people can at a stroke sound as dim as Gary Lineker and his TV mates.

The response to this weekend’s FA cup results sums it all up. Chelsea lost to Bradford and Manchester City lost to Middlesbrough. They were not the expected results but did it merit the Telegraph’s “The day English football went bonkers” and the BBC’s Match of the Day pundit calling the Chelsea result the “biggest shock of all time“. Worse still, a viewer vote on MOTD suggested that 77% of people agreed that it was – repeat – the biggest shock of all time. Oh dear. A double blow – common sense and phone/internet polling both shown up. Continue reading Football – and nonsense FA Cup “shocks”